Friday, December 31, 2010

Newborn Year

Greg Asimakoupoulos has penned the following ode to a New Year.  We at Pilgrim Scribblings wish you a blessed New Year in 2011, filled with God's goodness and grace.

Greg writes:

Cradling Hope in Our Arms...
The old year's passed. Another's born.
But lest we grieve what's gone and mourn,
let's hold the baby to our heart
and dream of what's in store.

Let's contemplate what lies ahead
acknowledging the past is dead
without fixating on regrets
or paralyzed by guilt.

The birth of what we now embrace
is diapered in God's boundless grace.
Within the face of this new year
the gaze of hope is seen.

Here's to a new year just begun
that first will crawl, take steps, then run.
This brand new baby represents
all that the Lord intends.


  1. Hi David!

    Returning the best wishes for 2011 you left at my blog today!

    Here's to a new year just begun...

  2. What a great poem to ponder! Thanks for posting it David! I hope you have a great day!