Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Seasons Change...God Doesn't

Thank you Saija for this excellent graphic!

As I read these words, "He changes times and seasons" my poetic juices began to gurgle beneath the surface...

He changes times and seasons
According to His will
He always has His reasons
And they are best but still...

We question things and wonder
Why God allows the pain
The storms, the rain, the thunder
Are meant but for our gain.

The icy cold of winter
Yields to the warmth of spring
Our trials though they're bitter
Will end and sweetness bring.

God changes times and seasons
And when the pain we've stood
We'll learn the Father's reasons
He planned them for our good!

~ David W. Fisher, May 2008

1 comment:

  1. i just read your poem to leo - and he said "that's good!" ...

    i guess the Lord meant for me to take the picture ... and gave that particular verse to post with it ... so that you could write that poem! doesn't it just make you smile how the Lord does these things ... and we all benefit and are blessed ... :o)

    also shows how the family of God supports one another!