Saturday, May 24, 2008

680 News In Pictures

Ironically my favourite radio station for news is 680 News out of Toronto. Today's post is another type of 680 news - news about our home here at 680 Ford Crescent in rural
Cavan, Ontario.

This morning we went to see our "new to us" home just east of Peterborough. This afternoon the buyers of our home here at 680 came by for a last "look through" before they take possession on June 16th.

After they left I began to reminisce and think about how much we're going to miss our home. I took my trusted SONY and went for a walk over our 3 1/2 acres. Here are some of the photos of our home for the past 14 years.

LEGEND: (left to right from the top)

1. One of our many trails
2. You can't even see the neighbour's home who lives across the road from us
3. Our flowering crabapple tree
4. Looking east on Ford Crescent
5. View from the front porch
6. Some of the wild brush in the back field
7. View of 680 from the road
8. Some of Carol's trilliums
9. Our creek
10. Blossoms from one of our dozens of apple trees
11. Yes, there'll be some bleeding hearts when we move
12. Looking back from our side lawn
13. Our mailbox at 680

Note: Click on a picture for a larger and better view. You might even want to use one of these as your desktop background (or as a reminder to pray for us).

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