Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Earthly Mindedness

One of my favorite, thought-provoking blogs is Nathan White's Shepherd the Flock. Nathan (pictured) never fails to stir me up and challenge my thinking. Be sure to check out his site. A quote in a recent post by Puritan author Jeremiah Burroughs caused me to think deeply. Slowing wade through Burrough's quote and ponder his prognostications.

Here's that quote:

“For example, suppose a man or woman has troubling thoughts about the things of the earth [Material goods or needs]. It may be that, by their inordinate thoughts, cares, and affections about some earthly things [anxiety], they contract much guilt [about being anxious]. Yet after this, perhaps, God gives them that earthly thing [that they were anxious over]. Now when they have it, if they have any light in their consciences, their convicted consciences will then reflect thusly: “I have this indeed, but do I have it with the blessing of God? I have it in my custody, but I got it dearly; it cost me such thoughts and cares and affections [such sinful anxiety]. Now I have it, but I cannot say it comes out of God’s love. I rather fear that God has given it to me in His wrath because I got it in such a way.” - Jeremiah Burroughs from "A Treatise on Earthly-Mindedness"

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