Thursday, May 08, 2008

Old Hat

Do you recognize this baseball cap? I certainly do! For many years I was the chapel leader for the Montreal Expos. I miss those days. Apparently Paul Mackay misses the Expos too. Check out his blog.

Hopefully our Christian experience never becomes "old hat". His mercies are new every morning and the life of a believer in Jesus Christ need never be boring.

Enjoy God's presence today and be sure to remove your cap when you bow before Him.


  1. hey old friend!! I miss the Expos a LOT ... I used to listen to them all the time on the radio... Dave Van Horne and Duke Snider...

    when we moved to Ontario, I was SOOOO excited to find out the AM station in Belleville broadcast every Expos' game....

    those were the days!!!

  2. Hey, Pilgrim,
    You never told us you were their chapel leader...and I recall you promised my sister and I some stories ;) We're still waiting :)

    You're site is getting better every time I come on you've even got music streaming. This laptop is mainly muted (unlike my computer that plays Be Thou My Vision as the opening music, Here is Love Divine as the shutting down music, and Windows media player is playing most of the time I'm on it!), so I rarely hear anything, but today I noticed when I opened it that I heard something...sounds nice, whatever you have playing.

    God bless you,