Sunday, May 25, 2008

Excellent Blogs

I feel honored to be included on the Blogroll that Nathan White posted on his excellent Shepherd the Flock site. Check out these excellent blogs!

The Full Blogroll

The blogs below constitute a small portion of a blogsphere that has many wonderful and edifying Christian bloggers. No doubt that it is impossible to list every single blog that is sound, biblical, and worth the time to read. Thus, the list below is a condensed version of blogs that I have personally become aquainted with and have enjoyed. More ministries, resources, and Christian websites can be found under the main ‘Resources’ page.

  • Because of Grace, Jamie Dunbar: ‘Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created. -Rev. 4:11′
  • Biblical Christianity, Dan Phillips: ‘Calvidispiebaptogelical. One God, sixty-six books, five points, seven dispensations (+/-), five sola’s, one wife, four children, four cats, no fooling.’
  • Call to Die, Andrew Lindsey: A personal friend; student at Southern Seminary. Luke 9:23-24
  • Camp on This, Steve Camp: ‘Proclaiming the treasures of the gospel’.
  • Centuri0n, Frank Turk: ‘..And His ministers a flame of fire’.
  •, Tim Challies: One of the best and most popular Christian blogs. Tim wrote the book on Christian blogging.
  • Clay-Pot, Tim Brown: A good friend; “A ReformING Baptist Christian’s meager blog of various things pertaining to the faith and the world around me.”
  • CoffeeSwirls, Doug McHone: Walking the Path of Least Resistance
  • Doxoblogy, Jeremy Weaver: ‘Biblical theology to equip the reader to worship God in spirit and in truth.’
  • Everyday, by Jules: “It is my heart and my passion to encourage moms to see the “mission field” who sleep in the bunkbeds in the room down the hall.”
  • FIDE-O, Jason Robertson, Scott Hill, Gene Cook: Excellent resource for information concening covenant theology vs. dispensationalism, cessationism, general theological issues, etc.
  • Free St. George’s: Turning the light of Celtic Reformed Church History on the Problems of the Modern Church.
  • Founders Ministry Blog, Tom Ascol: ‘Commentary and observations from Tom Ascol, Executive Director of Founders Ministries.’
  • Girl Talk, CJ Mahaney’s wife, Carol and others: Excellent blog for women.
  • Illumination, Sam Waldron and Richard Barcellos: The official blog of The Midwest Center for Theological Studies. Reformed Baptist, 1689 LBC orientated.
  • Incrediblog!, Gordan Runyan. Never boring, always worth the read; variety of topics.
  • Locusts and Wild Honey, Don Elbourne: A personal friend; pastor of the Katrina-devasted church, Lakeshore Baptist Church in Lakeshore, MS.
  • Old, Jim Bublitz: Today’s church in light of church history. Many great resources!
  • Old Paths, D.R. Booker: Wisdom from along old paths.
  • Our Flammily, Tiffany Flamm: My beloved sister and her ever- growing family.
  • Pilgrim Scribblings, David W. Fisher: “Personal reflections by a fellow pilgrim on the journey home.”
  • PressOn, Rodney Albert: …refuse to quit…keep your eyes on the prize!
  • Provocations and Pantings, Timmy Brister: A good friend; student at Southern Seminary; great site for resources and current events, particularly in the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Pulpit Magazine: The Online Magazine of the Shepherds’ Fellowship, a ministry associated with John MacArthur.
  • Rebecca Writes: ‘….from way up north about the things that interest her most: her family, her life in the Yukon, and matters of faith and theology.’
  • Reformation Theology: Multi-author blog from the best site for Reformed theology resources,
  • Reformed Baptist Fellowship: Richard Barcellos, Mark Chanski, Bob Gonzales, James Renihan, Jim Savastio, Geoffrey Thomas, Sam Waldron, and James White make up this team-blog which is devoted to a global network of churches adhering to the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.
  • Strange BaptistFire: Team blog dedicated to defending the doctrines of grace (Calvinism). I am a contributor on this blog.
  • Sweet Tea & Theology, John Mark: The question is not, “Am I good enough to be a Christian?” rather, the question is, “Am I good enough not to be?”
  • Team Pyro: Phil Johnson, John MacArthur’s editor, heads up the very best team-blog on the web.
  • The Contemporary Calvinist, Lee Shelton & Darrell Dow: “Calvinism did not spring from Calvin. We believe that it sprang from the great Founder of all truth.” -Charles H. Spurgeon
  • The Narrow Mind Aftermath, Gene Cook: Blog articles which follow-up each show of the excellent Reformed Podcast, The Narrow Mind.
  • The Riddleblog, Kim Riddlebarger: Devoted to Reformed Theology and Eschatology; Excellent site for eschatology.
  • The Sign of Jonah: Drew and Keith tag-team on this thought-provoking site. Definitely check them out.
  • The Vossed World, Chad Richard Bresson: ‘Between two spheres, gazing at Christ -our heavenly destiny’. Material from the great Reformed theologican, Geerhardus Vos and others.
  • Tribablogue: Christian apologetics; particularly good for their material and debates on atheism.
  • Whole Counsel Theology, David B. Hewitt: Standing on the ENTIRE Word of God: * Sola Fide * * Sola Gratia * * Sola Scriptura * * Solus Christus * * Soli Deo Gloria *

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