Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Two Reasons To Rejoice

Sitting here in the airport in Philadelphia I'm hearing Hillary Clinton speaking on TV. Let me make this clear...I'm NOT watching her...just overhearing her. I'd move to another location but I'd hear her there too.

Two Reasons to Rejoice? Acutally there are many, many more than two. Here are two that came to mind:

1. God is sovereign and He is on the throne!

2. Hillary isn't sovereign, she is fallible and she is NOT the President of the United States. She's in the battle of her life and seems to be losing.

More later...


  1. ...and Thank God that Obama didn't win more yesterday! I am not prejudicial, but I see Mulsims taking over my area, and I don't wish to see them overrun my native country.

    God bless you, Pilgrim!


  2. Go Democrats! get the republicans out of office!

  3. Oh Hebrews...I didn't know that Obama was a Muslim...How scary would that be?!!
    Little Pilgrim Pal...I thought that he is a member of the United Church of Christ..
    Oh it would be just terrible if he IS Muslim!
    Even so God is over all and whoever he puts in there, He will.

    Daniel 4:17
    This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

    Oh but if he is Muslim, I sure would not like him to win...
    I don't know much about politics...but I do know that the Lord is overseeing over the whole thing and that is why we have to pray for the leaders of our country..
    I remember when Mr. Trudeau was our prime minister that we were taught that we, as Christians were to pray for them that have the rule over us.
    When Mr. Trudeau left office only to be put back in again after a few months ..I remember Mr. Paisley saying at the Ottawa Bible conference..."Now here I thought that we were done praying for our prime minister, but my friends,now we must pray again for the salvation of his soul and for peace in our country and freedom to continue to read the Bible and worship the Lord.
    So I guess LPP we just have to pray and let God do what He wills, eh?....Love Mrs. Shirkie

  4. Ouch...Anonymous' comment is a little different. I will say one thing...this American probbly won't be voting for eith major party--not the way it looks right now. I hope I find a nice independant candidate and I'll toss my vote to him.

    Mrs. Shirkie,

    He claims to be Christian and all, but he was worn in with his hand on the Q'ran rather than a Bible, and his "christianity" has only come about since this campaign. If Islam wants to take over America they can do it from the inside and they know it.

    Yes, it is true we must pray for our leaders. I enjoy praying for our leaders right now, because the PM and the President both happen to be Believers, but I recall when it was rather difficult to even think of praying for the President...about 9 years back! I was much younger then, too, and didn't pray for many others outside of family and friends. Prayer is the onyl thing that is going to save our nation...both the US and Canada.

    God bless you,