Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tough Break

My friend, former Peterborough Pete Kurtis Foster, suffered a season-ending leg injury last night while playing for the Minnesota Wild. Please pray for a speedy recover for Kurtis who makes his home in Peterborough in the off-season. The following account appeared in a Minneapolis newspaper today:

(Minnesota) Wild defenseman Kurtis Foster had season-ending surgery at a San Jose hospital this morning after breaking his left leg during the second period of the Wild's 4-3 shootout loss to the Sharks.

Foster suffered a displaced fracture in his left femur and was going to have a steel rod inserted to stabilize the leg, director of hockey operations Chris Snow said Wednesday night. A Wild spokesman confirmed the surgery took place this morning.

It's a devastating injury for the 26-year-old, third-year Wild blue-liner who had just started picking up big minutes and playing solid hockey.

"I thought he was playing great," coach Jacques Lemaire said. "He was playing his best hockey. It's a big loss."


  1. Hi, Pilgrim,

    I was listening to my favorite segment of hockey-talk on the radio this afternoon, and I heard my favorite (former)-college player mentioned...Torrey Mitchell. I didn't catch all what it was about, only that a player's leg was shattered, and I felt awful for that player. My sister and I went online to check out more on that player, and when we saw he is a former Pete, we both looked at eachother and said, "Pilgrim will have something on the blogs for sure!" You didn't disappoint!

    Please be sure to post this over on Pals, too, so all the Pals will pray for Foster.

    God bless you,

  2. Dear Mr. Fisher,

    Do you think you could tell those Sens that tomorrow is my sister, PrayingSensFaninMontreal's 18th brithday? The same day they play the Habs...and she would really love them to win just for her ;) SShhh, don't let her know I tipped you off to that...hopefully she won't tell you when mine is (hint, we were both due the same day).

    Seriously, I hope the Canadiens don't have to play your Senators in the play-offs...that would be a heartbreaker of a series. You'd have to kick me off Pals for awhile so I don't spoil your party ;)

    God bless you richly,