Sunday, March 30, 2008

True, Genuine Scribbling

Note from the Pilgrim: If you are having trouble reading my scribblings, click on this image and it will enlarge. You may even notice my spelling mistake on the word "scribbling". Imagine! We are so grateful that the boys are safe! We were scared for awhile as you can imagine. ~ David


  1. Scary indeed! I'm glad they are okay! God was watching over them.

    God bless you and your family,

  2. So glad that Matthew and his friend are okay. Praise God!

    What a nifty idea...on posting an actual letter!

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  4. Rejoicing with you that the boys are ok!!!!

  5. Dear Pilgrim David...This was indeed a scare!
    How come you didn't tell us at the Pals?
    You know time as been so pressing for most of us just lately and some like Donna, Vicki and Pilot-Mom have been ill.. but we always at least try and take the time to go to the Pilgrim Pals blog even though we scarcely have time for our other friends..
    It is such an important blog and I think we should still be called Pilgrim Pals too, when we make a post...Love Terry

    PS..This wet noodle was dealt with a hand of love...believe me David!...

    I am happy that the Lord has His eye on those boys!