Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mother's House

On Saturday evening I returned from my sojourn in Florida. Our road out in Cavan was impassable so I stayed at mom's house in Peterborough. This is the homestead I grew up in. My memories of 167 Maria Street are fond ones. Mom's boarder and my friend Paul Mackay took this photo looking north from her place. What an incredible shot! Will this winter ever end?

Check out Paul's ramblings here!


  1. Hey, Pilgrim,

    How close is your area to getting a record amount of snow in one winter? Or have you already passed it? We are somewhere around 25cm away, and I think that since we have endured such a terrible winter, we might as well break the record so we have something to show for it ;)

    Is the new place you bought in Peterborough or Cavan? Just wondering...

    God bless you,

  2. feels like i'm the only one really happy with all this snow :) My boys are thrilled to be able to play on the outdoor rinks and build snow forts this March break! Although I guess 13 feet is a bit excessive