Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Tribute

Recently I conducted the Memorial Service for my dear friend Watson Atkinson. He went to be with the Lord following a massive heart attack suffered while visiting in the Philippines. Watson was buried over there but his memorial service was held here at our (and their) home church, Auburn Bible Chapel.

Please pray for Watson's wife Noemi and their daughter Jenalyn as they continue to grieve the loss of a husband and father.

I wrote the following poem/song while preparing my message for the service. Watson had a real heart for World Missions so the first stanza can be taken two different ways. He was "ready to go" if the Lord should call him "home" but always "ready to go" if He sensed the Lord's call to a foreign land.

Anyhow, here's that poem I penned:

Ready to go if my Saviour should call me
Ready to go to that land far away
Ready to bow at the feet of my Master
Ready to go and it may be today.

Now I am feasting on manna from heaven
Now I am looking on His lovely face
O what a wonder that Jesus has saved me
Only because of His marvellous grace.

I know that you are now grieving my passing
And if I could here's what I'd like to say
Don't hold too tight to the things that are fleeting
When you are gone they will all pass away.

O what a thrill just to bask in His glory
Troubles and heartaches are finally o'er
Trust Him today and receive of His goodness
Soon we shall meet on this heavenly shore.

David W. Fisher
January 8th, 2008

Note: The poem/song was written as though Watson were speaking and, knowing him as well as I did, this accurately reflects his heart.

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  1. That poem is lovely, and obviously very heartfelt. It's especially nice for me to read at this time, having recently lost a beloved family member ... thank you for sharing.