Friday, January 04, 2008

Three Words

The following post from Maced With Grace was passed along to me by my friend Claire over at Pilot Mom. It's a great challenge. Try it!

The New Year's Challenge

I was watching a few minutes of the news this morning and one of the national morning shows issued a challenge - to sum up the entire year of 2007 in three little words.

I watched as they posted some of the answers viewers sent in and thought what a great idea! We bloggers are always rambling on and on about stuff - but how many of us could sum up an entire year in just three words?

So let's get the word out and see how many people will play along. Here's mine along with some other possibilities. I've listed one as a summary of 2007 and another as a goal for 2008.

Let's hear about yours!

Mine for 2007: Perplexed But Persevering
Mine for 2008: Moment By Moment

Other possibilities: Finding God Faithful, Trusting God Implicitly, God's Generous Grace, Burdened But Blessed

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