Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Commom Blessings and Burdens

The following devotional appears on David Jeremiah's Turning Point web site today:

"He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." - Matthew 5:45

In Matthew 5:45, Jesus spoke of God's fairness and graciousness. Every morning the sun gives another day's life to all humanity, whether evil or good. Refreshing showers fall on the lawns of committed Christians and of their pagan neighbors. While some blessings are reserved only for the children of God, others are common to the entire world.

In the same way, some burdens are borne by believers, such as persecution or sorrow over lost souls. But other burdens are shared by all humanity, and being a Christian doesn't make us immune from trials. Even seasoned Christians need to remember this, or else we'll find ourselves thinking, "Why is God treating me so badly? If He loves me so, why am I in such painful straits? Why don't other people have these problems I'm facing?"

Sorrow is universal; but for the believer, it is redemptive because God turns it to good. Dr. F. B. Meyer wrote, "In suffering and sorrow God touches the minor chords, develops the passive virtues, and opens to view the treasures of darkness, the constellations of promise, the rainbow of hope, the silver light of the covenant."

Trust Him today and rejoice in His mercies whether it's sunny or raining.

In the meantime let us believe that God's love and wisdom are doing the very best for us.- F.B. Meyer

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