Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Scribblings

It's late Saturday evening and time to scribble some thoughts from the Pilgrim down on my blog. These are rambling musings with no connection to each other except for the fact that they all originate in my tired and weary brain.

Here goes:

If Hillary Clinton becomes America's next president I'm moving to the Far East. What a scary thought having her in the White House again!

Tim Challies' book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, (Crossway Books) should be read by every Christian, lay people and pastors alike. He has done an excellent job tackling this much-needed subject. Congratulations Tim!

I'm craving an A & W Teen Burger as I write! Too late to go and get one!

I hope the N. Y. Giants can steal a win from the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. I don't know why but I don't look forward to an undefeated season by the Patriots.

I'm glad that Tony Dungy will be back as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts next season! What a class act! If every Christian would carry himself/herself like Tony does. What an honorable ambassador for Jesus Christ!

Finding a home for us to move into by April 30th is getting frustrating. We can't decide whether we want to stay in a rural area or move into the city. Please pray! We're grateful to God that our present home sold as quickly as it did.

I'm certainly missing my friend Watson Atkinson who went "home" just before Christmas.

I sure enjoy John Piper's preaching!

It's almost a year since I visited England! I'd sure love to return! What a memorable trip it was!

Sure wish D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was still alive. I'd love to spend a day with this preacher/author picking his brain.

I'm getting tired! Good night, dear friends!

~ The Pilgrim


  1. If Hillary wins..... don't leave without me... I'm coming too!!!!

  2. when we were looking for a new home, there was nothing in our area to buy and we had to look outside our town ... or build ... it was a waiting game, that had a happy ending when this gift from God - our condo - became available ...

    hang in there! God has something great prepared for you guys ... maybe even a home within a block or 2 from an A&W and bookstore?!!! *grin*

  3. I will also be praying you find the home where God wants you ... I know how hard it can be to leave a place you love. And thank for directing us to John Piper; he is great!
    However, I notice a strange conflict between him saying that we need to make sure we are putting Jesus above things like football, and you having so many rambling thoughts about the NFL ... ;) (just kidding :D)

  4. Dear how the year flew by. It seems just like yesterday that you went to England. And when you were in England, that is when you got sore eyes so you have been suffering with them for almost a full year.
    Praying that the doctor will find a cure!
    I am really hoping that you can find a rural house, but the Lord already knows where you will be living!....Love Terry