Friday, January 25, 2008


My friend Susan posted these WARNING signs on her blog, Susan's Blog, recently. Something to think about for sure.


No Bible is present…or frankly necessary because they are not preaching from the Word of God.
Don’t teach from the word of God
It’s all about me and how I feel.
God is only as good as what He can do for me.
It’s about what I do…not about being broken in my sin and repentant.
No conviction…I leave feeling good.
No recognition that I am a sinner saved by grace.
I don’t hear anything about me being a sinner
The message is meant to make me feel good.
There are props on stage
It’s a stage not a pulpit
A few verses are thrown in just for good measure
Casual…no suit or tie…the approach to the word of God is casual and laid back.
No conviction of sin
Illustrations from movies or personal experience…not from the Bible
They make Jesus cool…not holy and they don’t revere Him as God.
No talk of sin…which left me dead and condemned.
When I don’t know I’m a sinner…I don’t need a Savior.
Jesus is someone who came to show us how to live…not pay the penalty for my sin.
It’s about what I do…not what He did.
We’re all sons and daughters of God…they don’t define what makes one a son and daughter of God.
No prayer for those who don’t know Christ, who are dead in their sins to accept God’s plan of salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ our Lord.
No awe and reverence for God.
The pastor tells me what I ought to do…but doesn’t share that I can not do it on my own power and strength…but only through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within me.

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