Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In the aftermath of Christmas gift-giving the following quote from Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience rings loud and clear:

"The real gifts, the good ones, cannot be manufactured with their own USP bar codes. Real gifts aren't shipped, but fall down from heaven, His fingerprints still fresh."

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  1. Hello, Pilgrim!

    I found out on Tuesday that on Sunday, Bud and Qunnipiac stole the Catamount Cup from the team for which the tourney is named! :) Unfortunately, I was unable to catch the game, and I was really lookign forward to hearing it, but family time prevented that. My sister was elated with the news...I just wish the Cats would've thrown more than just 20 shots on goal... My hat is off to Bud!

    God bless you all!