Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Spurgeon Preaches

Wow! Wouldn't it have been an experience to sit under Charles Haddon Spurgeon's ministry!

Father, raise up men who love the Master and are committed to preaching Biblical truth. AMEN!

And remember, dear fellow pilgrims, we're closer home than we were yesterday!

Stay strong in His strength.



  1. it would have been a blast!!!!

  2. Yes David...I would of just loved to hear him preach!!
    You cna get his sermons on line audio but they are narrated, not the same fire as that Mr. Spurgeon would of had!...from Terry

    Hello Jel! Keep shining!! It is melting the snow and ice!!

  3. Dear David...Charles Spurgeon is one of my favorites. I feel about him...kind like I do Charles Stanley. If in England during his time...that's the church I would have attended.

    Here the link to listen the Spurgeon sermons that Terry mentioned. Can't wait to go to heaven...and hear him live in own voice.

    There are so many great resources online...including this link with Mr. Spurgeon's work.

    Now don't we live in amazing times dear Christians...simply amazing!

    Be well...Susan

  4. He is one of my favorites also...I subscribe to daily devotion and always come away strengthened and encouraged...