Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My dear blogging friend Elizabeth Natalie has completely reworked her Cedar Chest and it's looking great. Check it out. I'm reproducing her Moment By Moment post. It's excellent! Keep up the great work, my friend.


A new year of moments.
Of promise and blessing.
Of struggles, uncertainties, doubts, and fearing the unknown.
Moments for examining my heart, and seeking God's heart.
What moments do you look forward to in 2007?
The start of a new job, new courses at school, a new relationship?
Moments when you will have to say goodbye?
Moments when your life and gifts will impact those around you?
The moment when you step through an open door onto a new path with a glad heart?
The moment you are stopped in your tracks when a gateway is unexpectedly shut and locked before you?
Moments when you need to wait patiently, and let your heart be content. To rest in the peace of God which always seems to pass our human understanding, but somewhere deep inside still knowing His promises are true?
Moments when you can't bear a burden by yourself, and a friend comes along side you and holds you steady for a while?
Moments when God's supernatural strength is revealed in you, because you reached out to your Creator, the God of the universe, your Messiah who knew you before you were born and stepped out of paradise to pursue your heart?
Moments to realize God's Spirit dwells within each one of us who believes?
Moments to use the breath we're given simply to worship God and to dwell in the beauty of His holiness?
Moments when you are freed from your clouded perspective, His light shines brilliantly, bringing focus into your life and suddenly you're aware that His perfect plan is unfolding for you......?

moment by moment.

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  1. Hey Dave,
    Hoping you could help me out with a story I'm writing for my University about Christianity in hockey. I tried emailing you, but have gotten no response. My email is theplayersbench@aim.com