Wednesday, January 17, 2007

32 Years

Please keep EPISTLE SPORTS MINISTRIES in your prayers.

We are into our 32nd season of ministry to professional and amateur athletes and we are trusting God to do great things this year.

We depend on the prayers and financial support of the Lord's people.

Last night we had 21 of the Peterborough Petes in attendance at our bi-weekly MONDAY WE HAVE FISH Bible studies.

Thanks again, dear friends!


  1. 21 at the "fish fest" is an amazing number ...

    blessings on your 32 years of ministry ... and may God meet every need ...

  2. Wow- 21 is an incredible number!

    I didn't realize how far behind I've fallen on my blog readings until I saw how many entries I haven't read yet! They've all been thought-provoking and have given me things to think over this week.

    Rest assured of my continuing prayers for your ministry and all it's fantastic work. Here's to a successful and blessed year, and many more to come!

  3. Dear David....I congratulate you on these 32 years.
    You have been so faihtful!
    21 Peterborough Petes at a Bible study!
    Yes you do have Fish meetings and I just wonder how many more "fish" will be in heaven because of your telling them about the Lord Jesus who would save them and put them into ANOTHER "winning" team! ...God's blessings every day on you David....from Terry