Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ketchup On Your Reading

Here's another old photo I unearthed while going through my archives. Years ago when I owned and managed the Ambassador Bible Book Store in Peterborough, Ontario we had a special promotion called "OPERATION KETCHUP". We encouraged our customers to ketchup on their reading and by doing so it would help us to ketchup on our accounts payable.

Those were the good ol' days. A book lover's delight! Owing a Christian bookstore. Perhaps my greatest fault was that I gave away more than I sold. You know how it is! We emotional, compassionate types end up letting our hearts rule our heads. That's not always bad.

Fond memories!

Maybe Brodie should ketchup on his posting and then Terry could tell me off for getting on his case.
P.S. At the end of the promotion we had a draw and the winner took home this hamper filled with HEINZ products.


  1. My son, Nathan's, favorite dipping sauce ... he eats it on everything!

  2. Ketchy title! hee hee! ;)

    I think it would be a dream come true to own a Christian bookstore!

    Thank you for praying for us!

  3. Like I said before David....Being in a family that owned a book store... Why,that surely WOULD be a dream come true!!
    You are so right about that Claire!

    I will see what I can do about that Brodie but it is one hard task getting that lad to come out of the woodwork!

  4. What a great marketing technique. Owning a Christian bookstore--what a great business to be part of. One of my favorite shopping trips is to any bookstore-and can be found lingering amongst the bookshelves while my family is pacing at the door to leave! It is best to do that kind of shopping alone, I guess.

    Love Pilot Mom's comment: Ketchy Title!


  5. Thought I would swing on by your blogs and "ketchup" on my postings-haha!
    Sounds like your store was a great place to shop! As much as I love stores like Chapters, there's something special about walking in to a local store. There's always a more intimate feel that makes you want to sit down for hours with one of the books! Owning the Christian bookstore must have been so much fun.

    Have a blessed week-