Friday, January 05, 2007

Lists Unlimited

Rebecca over at Rebecca Writes is looking for lists this month...any type of list. I passed along my list of stores that I'd have in my mall (if I had one). Check out her site (see below) and then go to her comments to find a selection of various and sundry lists.

And, speaking of lists, here's another one. Some of the best known authors, preachers, missionaries and Christian leaders over the centuries have been known by two initials and then their last name.

Here's a list of a few of them:

A. W. Tozer
F. B. Meyer
D. L. Moody
C. H. Mackintosh
J. N. Darby
A. P. Gibbs
J. C. Ryle
W. E. Vine
J. B. Phillips
H. A. Ironside
R. A. Torrey
A. T. Robertson

W. H. Griffith Thomas
A. B. Simpson
W. T. P. Wolston
C. A. Coates
R. C. Chapman
C. T. Studd
A. W. Pink
R. C. Sproul
B. B. Warfield
R. T. Kendall
C. S. Lewis (pictured)
G. K. Chesterton
C. H. Spurgeon (although often refered to by his full name, Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

Go ahead, add some of your own. This is my "initial" list of initialed Heroes of the Faith.

D. W. Fisher

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  1. Dear David...It is a little late and I have to work tomorrow but I can add at least one to your list and that is one of my favorite brethren preachers....G P Taylor..
    Have you ever heard of HIM?...From Terry

  2. Oh my!! I just looked up G P Taylor on Google..It isn't the G P Taylor THEY are showing, so beside his name on the next Google serch, I put down
    "Truth and Tidings" and found the right one!!...From Terry

  3. Hello friend! Enjoyed the list. While I don't recognize all the names, I know most of 'em and they've been such a blessing in my life.

  4. What about J. I. Packer?

  5. aren't we blessed to have so many many good authors to read ... God inspired authors!

    here are some one initial leading writers of our day: b. graham, C. Colson, C. Swindoll, B. Moore, O. Chambers, J. Stowell ... praise God for a long and endless list!