Saturday, November 27, 2004

Tractor Tunes

Many long-time friends will recall the Quiet Reflections e-mails birthed in my spirit as I rode the ol' faithful John Deere around our yard. It's amazing what comes to mind as you dodge pine branches and hopping toads.

Recently I was cutting the grass when I experienced one of my panic attacks. Perhaps I should have parked the tractor but instead I began praying (it was a desperate cry of "HELP") and seeking God's face. As I circled the lawn the Lord brought a sense of peace, giving me both the lyrics and melody of a chorus of praise, straight from His heart. An hour later I got off the tractor, came inside, and sat down at the piano. As I played and sang this "new song" I was filled with gratitude to a God who heard my cry, gave me His touch of encouragement and lifted my troubled spirit. Since that encounter I have quietly offered the song back to the Lord as an act of worship . . . many times.

Let me share the words with the prayer that you, too, will be encouraged. Our God is Jehovah-Jireh and He will provide for us! Often we have to wait (and some of us worry) but His promises remain true and steadfast.

Let's journey together, hand in hand with Jesus!


He helped me yesterday, I know He’ll do the same again;
He will provide, He’s such a wonderful Friend.
His Word declares His faithfulness will never end.
This Friend Divine, His name is Jesus.
This Friend is mine, His name is Jesus.

(repeat chorus, singing the words back to Jesus)

You helped me yesterday, I know You’ll do the same again;
You will provide, You’re such a wonderful Friend.
Your Word declares Your faithfulness will never end.
I’ll praise Your name, the name of Jesus!
I love You so, my precious Jesus!

(This song is dedicated to my friend and mentor, Paul Collet, who
has walked with me and prayed with me over the past year.)

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