Sunday, November 28, 2004

Are You Enjoying the Ride?

Beloved Christian author and missionary, Amy Carmichael, used the following words to describe our lives: a fight, a wrestle, a journey, a race and a climb. Life is all of these and more. Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Life uses these word pictures: a minefield, a roller coaster, a puzzle, a symphony, a journey and a dance. Anaheim Angels’ chapel leader, Chuck Obremski, identifies with the roller coaster comparison when he writes,

“He can do something about my situation should He choose to do so! It has been quite an adventure so far but with Jesus it is OK. I tell folks I am riding the cancer coaster but it is OK because I know the ride operator! He will let me get off when He chooses. Until then, I take notes of all He wants to teach me. Like Job, I too agree, ‘naked I came into this world and naked I will go out, Blessed be the Name of the Lord’...."

Profound words from a man of God who is experiencing life with all its terrors, its fears, its bumps and bruises and, dare I say it, its ups and downs. Not an easy ride but…Chuck knows the Ride Operator and is “taking notes of all He wants to teach” him.

How about you? Are you enjoying the ride, the trip, the minefield? Maybe you haven’t started yet. Maybe you’re still trying to determine your desired destination. If you’ve started living the Christian life you discovered that it’s all of the following and more:

A fight/battle
A journey
A race
A climb
A minefield
A roller coaster
A puzzle
A symphony
A dance

Yes, living a victorious Christian life isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible, apart from the working of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives. But, when God is the Ride Operator it’s the greatest adventure on earth! Are you enjoying the ride?

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