Thursday, May 20, 2010

Underwhelming Crowd

Never being one to avoid self-deprecation, I have no qualms about posting a photo of one of my early evangelistic crusades.  

The crowd that night underwhelmed me but I determined to press on regardless. 

Please disregard the caption under the photo.  A good friend of mine wrote that so that I wouldn't be embarrassed.

Years later I still have the capacity to draw huge crowds.  Oh well...Billy Graham I am NOT.

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  1. This is a very powerful and meaningful picture for me!!! Let me explain.... I moved to Alabama about a year ago. On January 1st the Lord asked me to start Early Morning Prayer at our new church and He specifically told me that His house is to be called a House of prayer. I presented the idea to the Pastor and board and on February 2 of this year my husband and I opened the doors of the church from 6 to 7 am everyday of the week. That very first day I went on my face to the altar and cried for the entire hour. I could have sworn (even though I do not swear!) that the church was full! I heard with my own ears a multitude of people crying out to God and it sounded like rain. This really encouraged me and I kept crying and praying. Well, finally I stopped and got up. To my amazement and surprise, there were only 2 more people!!!!!(just like your picture). I asked God what was that all about? And He said: You see a valley of dry bones BUT I will raise up an army for my Kingdom and my Glory.
    My husband and I are still faithful to the Lord and open the doors of our church at 5:50 am daily. I do not see with my eyes how many are joining us, I see with my heart how many the Lord will bring.

    Again, thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday!