Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Son Is Losing His Marbles

Today's Laugh:
A pastor preached long past his usual time and at the end of the sermon, a weary parishioner asked him what happened.

"Well," he replied, "I usually put a cough drop in my mouth when I begin, and when it's finished, I know it's time to end my sermon. 

This morning I accidentally put in one of my son's marbles by mistake."


  1. this is so cute!!!!! Happy Tuesday to you and remember that TODAY is a great day in the Lord!

  2. LOLOL

    i love it...

    i have a marble joke.....

    but i will tell you when i see you in person!!!!

    thanks for the laugh brother

  3. so this young guy was in love and went to see his pastor to get advice as to when he should get married....

    the pastor said.... you take a package of marbles... and you put them all in your mouth....

    every day, you take one marble out....

    when you've lost all of your marbles, then it's time to get married...

    ok, that's a groaner!!!