Sunday, May 23, 2010

Useless Trivia and Mindless Rants from the Pilgrim

On a warm, sunnny Sunday evening I'm posting a collection of possibly useless trivia that may or may not interest anyone at all.
Here goes....
  • I do NOT want the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup
  • I am the most impatient driver you would NEVER want to meet...or drive in front of
  • I HATE being late
  • I do NOT like the smell of curry.  The taste might be palatable but the smell lasts for weeks
  • I am NOT a Barack Obama fan
  • I am NOT a Hilary Clinton fan
  • I am NOT a Kobe Bryant fan
  • John Olerud had a "sweet swing" but he's an even sweeter guy
  • I definitely am the world's biggest klutz
  • I am convinced that the above statement becomes more true with each passing day
  • I cannot fix anything with my hands
  • I LOVE writing notes of encouragement
  • I LOVE reading Paul Wilkinson's blog, THINKING OUT LOUD, but some of his favourite preachers are certainly not mine.  You can't be right about everything, Paul
  • Tim Challies must spend about 60 hours a day working on his blog,
  • If something is going to go wrong it will happen to me.  Never fails
  • I can't sing Great Is Thy Faithfulness without tears coming to my eyes
  • I could watch a hockey game all day and not get bored
  • Joel Osteen does NOT "turn my crank"
That's all for now, folks.
  • Oops, one more.  For the most insightful and incredible blog on the internet, check out Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience.  I wish I could write half as well as Ann does.
More "useless" stuff later.

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