Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sought-After Sabbatical

For years I've dreamed of taking a sabbatical from some of my regular routines. It's always been near to impossible. How do you leave a job, forsake a family, drop the important things? Usually you can't.

Over the past several years I've resigned from the boards of several organizations in an effort to simplify my life. It has helped somewhat.

Tonight I decided to take a sabbatical, for at least 40 days, from Facebook.

It's so easy to become addicted to some of these social network systems that are so popular these days. There's a lot of value in these if we discipline ourselves and use them to build and maintain positive relationships and to minister to others but all too often I've found myself leaving silly comments and spending too much time writing things that weren't really that uplifting.

And so...I'm taking some time off.

I'm going to try to concentrate on writing encouraging, thought-provoking posts both here on Pilgrim Scribblings and over at my other site, The Barnabas Blog.

Thanks for your prayers as I seek to the enabling of the Spirit of God.

Be encouraged today!



  1. Hello Mr. Fisher,
    On a non-related note to this blog entry - though, perhaps not entirely - I just heard an interesting and thought provoking presentation on CBC radio's "And the Winner Is". ( The presentation was on a piece by radio journalist Frank Faulk and his 2004 work, "A Complicated Friendship", and in examining the differences between some Christians, it reminded me as to why I enjoy your blog so much.

    Much like the journalist within the piece, I may not always agree with you - but your blog never the less never fails to brings me out of my personal comfort zone, by inspiring and teaching and leading me to question aspects of my life - and how wonderful that is! For, in accepting many of my differences in beliefs, I have found so many wonderful and intriguing similarities.

    Anyway, if you get the chance - it's not the most profound work ever, but it certainly was an interesting listen.
    All the best with your Facebook hiatus - I've taken one myself, and after the twitching stops, my goodness it is liberating! ;)
    Take care,

  2. I have often said I should spend way less time on the internet surfing and more time doing something more constructive like empowering someone or being charitable. It is very difficult to leave your comfort zone and change your routine. I'm not too involved when it comes to Facebook but I wish I never would have discovered how to Tweet on Twitter. Maybe I should go to Facebook and touch base with some friends and tell them how special they are to me
    or perhaps ask someone to join me for church Sunday.

  3. Dear David,
    I am just very disappointed that you feel you need a rest from Pilgrim Pals.
    You have hardly been there lately anyway and we all miss that.
    When you created that blog, it was most important and why is it that you feel you need a rest from it?
    Maybe I should take a furlough too, eh?
    But I won't because when I joined, I set it in my heart to keep on!
    After all in the everyday life with all the prayer that needs to be carried on and all the answered prayers that we have been blessed with, do you think that we can take a break from THAT?
    Please tell me if you think you are being fair to the many pals that you have brought together?
    Love Terry

  4. Well... I hope you don't get too serious David. We all need to keep the child in us alive somewhat. Silly comments make people laugh. We all need a laugh especially in today's world of "bad news". There's enough serious boring people around now....You should shorten your sabbatical...