Monday, March 02, 2009

Some Guys Will Wear Anything

Last night I wore a tuque in the hot tub but I'd never be seen in public with a lid like this.

Sorry, Steve, I just had to comment.
I know you'll respond with something even more embarrassing about me but that's the chance I have to take.

Where did you pick up that thing anyway? Siberia?

I wonder how many mice they had to kill to make that hat!

Additional note...added Tuesday, March 3rd:

The handsome guy in this photo is a good friend of mine from our church. I wouldn't be so cruel to a stranger! Steve is actually one of the nicest guys I know and there have been days recently when I wished I had a hat like his...I think! - David


  1. laugh if you will but here in cold Alberta some of us ladies dress like that- walking in a minus 40 with wind will do it to you every time--hugs from Meme who is LOL

  2. Is that a hat or a toupee complete with beard and side burns? LOL

  3. laugh if you will but in Texas some of us ladies wear those skiing in Colorado! I got mine in Alaska and its the warmest hat I have ever owned.
    Looks are way over rated, go for the warmth.

    Not to be cruel to you Canadians but its going to be 85 tommorrow in Dallas. Yippee

  4. today was the first day that I could go for a walk since Jan 1 2009 with out a HAT-(smile)
    - God is good - I enjoy your blog
    I hope that you can visit me now and then-

    hugs from Meme who lives in Canada

  5. I had trouble getting him to buy it (yes I am to blame), but now he loves it. I suppose I should confess that I have one that is similar? Naahhh.

  6. Well...if nothing's at least interesting and gives you something to talk about. Hopefully warm even if it won't be winning any fashion show any time soon.