Friday, March 06, 2009

God's Plan Is Specific

I've always appreciated Joni Eareckson Tada's godly perspective on life and suffering. Today's devotional thought in her excellent book Pearls of Great Price ministered to me in a special way.

Joni writes:

"God's plan is specific. He doesn't say, 'Into each life a little rain must fall,' and then aim a hose in earth's general direction to see who gets the wettest. He doesn't wind up nature and then sit back to watch its sunny days and devastating hurricanes. God doesn't let Satan prowl about totally unrestricted. Do you feel as though God has taken a hands-off policy to certain hardships in your life? Right now, place them under His sovereign care. Commit to trust Him with His plan for your life."

Good stuff! Agree?


  1. A big thumbs up!

  2. David-So I told you that the article on Mike Fishers Faith totally touched my heart. My family was back at church today. Praise God. I shared that article with a friend who has had some hardships this year. She too was touched by Mikes thoughts and his relationship with Christ. This friend had not been to church in roughly the past five years. She decided to commit to letting Gods plan for her take the wheel and trust that he would be there to lift her up and support her. This morning I got a text and she was leaving the morning mass. She said the message was How God Has A Plan Just For You! I tell you we have an awesome God and I praise him for the way he goes about his work!