Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Days Make 1 Week

Wow! I've gone 7 days without posting anything on Pilgrim Scribblings. What a week it's been.

Last Saturday I was in
Ottawa to watch the Senators defeat the Buffalo Sabres 6-3. That was exciting.

This morning I spoke to the men's group at Living Hope church in Peterborough. We had a great time!

Things are going well at SIM Canada. Had a productive week there.

Spring break is upon us and Matthew and Nathan are off school for two whole weeks. We're not sure what's happening yet.

The Petes are still in the playoff hunt.

God is good!

There, I posted something!

P. S. C. S. Lewis (pictured) is still dead!


  1. Well, sounds like an exciting week! If there was hockey involved, it had to be good. =)

  2. In the U.S. we only get one week off for Spring break! Wow, two whole weeks. I should move and teach school in Canada instead of Texas. But then again, I kinda like the weather here.

  3. was that you sitting in the stands beside carrie underwood? i thought maybe it was mike's dad? the face looked so familiar ...