Saturday, January 03, 2009

THUG ???

This story is "old" but I didn't post anything earlier so I'll make a comment now.

Don "Grapes" Cherry made the comment last month concerning the dress code of the Ottawa Senators and centered out Mike Fisher in particular.

He mentioned how the Washington Capitals were playing well under head coach Bruce Boudreau and seemingly attributed their improved play to the way they dress when on the road...or out in public.

Mike Fisher dressed like a thug?

If so, what does Don Cherry dress like? A blanket, an afghan, an explosion in a mattress factory? His outfits are downright ugly...most of the time.

In spite of Cherry's comments, I usually enjoy watching (or listening) to him and I generally like the guy.

This time I think he crossed the line with his opinion. He's entitled to them but I disagree.

End of discussion. Go get 'em, Mike!


  1. I'm surprised the NHL hasn't slapped Ottawa's Mike Fisher with a sizable fine. TV and print media have shown him several times arriving for Senators' games appearing like a scruff. I could give two hoots how a player dresses. The league does, though. Passes Mikey a tie. Regards,.
    Dave Tatham

  2. Hey David,
    I just noticed this post...I totally agree with you on this one. Coach's corner is such a staple on Hockey Night in Canada but I must admit He annoyed me on that night. It gets cold in ottawa in the winter...a hat is a necessary accessory!!! And I'd park my car at Scotiabank place anyday with no worries of Mike steeling my hubcaps or my car. lol
    Don actually buys the fabric for his suits at a place that sells fabric for yep he dresses like a curtain :)
    Have a great night David,