Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flight Companions

My friend Paul Wilkinson from Thinking Out Loud posed the following question on his blog. I responded but you have to check the comments on Paul's blog to get my answers. How would you respond? Please leave me some comments. THANKS!

Paul writes:

You're on a four-hour flight, up for conversation, and you think the person in the next next to you is also. You turn and find yourself sitting next to _______________!

What person in the "Christian world" would you most like to find yourself sitting next to for that flight? You can name up to three people.


or just name one. But let us know some reasons and if we don't know this person, explain who they are.

And yes, I know it would be more productive if you were sitting next to a stranger who simply needed to hear about Jesus from you, but we'll take that as a given, okay?

1 comment:

  1. i have so many folks i would like to talk to ... that i don't know where to begin ...

    billy graham would probably be #1 on my list ... i went up at his winnipeg crusade in the 60's ... i am thankful for his ministry ... i would like to hear some of the stories about the folks he's met ...

    curt bork would be my #2 ... he's 90 some years old, and such a faithful servant of Gods ... he used to be a shantyman missionary ... he would walk the rails from bush camp to bush camp and tell them about the Lord ... his daughter wrote a book about him ... he is so full of love & constantly quotes scripture ... i am blessed to know him ...

    then #3 can be beth moore, rick warrem, or any of the great authors that line my book shelf ...

    or better yet, i would like to sit and chat with you david ... and listen to the many stories you must have of your life and times ... :o)

    blessings on you!