Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hot Tub Hymnology

The following lyrics came to mind this morning while sitting outside in the freezing the hot tub. I adjusted the words somewhat to form an acrostic - MAJESTIC RULE. There is a melody as well but you'll have to wait to hear it.

Mighty to save
Able to keep
Jesus my God and my King
Ever the same
Sovereign and true
To Him our worship we bring
Infinite One
Caring and just

Righteous and holy is He
Uniquely God's Son
Life-giving One
Ever His praises we sing
He is the Almighty King
He is the Almighty King


  1. A blessing to all from a lady that is touched by the hand of God. We pray for her daily as she ministers. One prayer I hope is answered. Did God send her the one he made just for her? Your Mike

  2. Just checking to see if I can leave a comment on my own blog.

  3. Great stuff...I wonder how the lyrics would flow out in the tub this morning!!

  4. Hi Dave, just found you from Amrita's blog. Bless your day .

  5. Hot tubs are a great place to come up with new lyrics! If you have neighbours close by, don't forget to keep it down early morning / later evening, not everyone's as enthusiastic!

  6. Bless you! I come up with lyrics in the hot tub, in the shower and when I'm out running (I run in an area not near others, so no funny looks as I sing out loud!).