Friday, April 18, 2008

What's In Your Stack?

There's always a stack of books beside our bed. Carol gets upset when the stack becomes a skyscraper and asks me to sort through them and take some back downstairs to my office. About eight (8) is the maximum number that can be stacked. I bet some of our readers do the same thing. Am I right?

Anyhow, I'm wondering what books are in "your stack". I took a picture of mine. I'm presently either reading or re-reading all of these. Thanks to Tim Challies for his excellent book, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment and for his recommendation to read Vintage Jesus (Mark Driscoll) and A Tale of Two Sons (John MacArthur).

Now, tell me, what's in your stack? Let me know. Leave a comment. THANKS!


  1. i have a very short stack....

    it's only 1 book... Max Lucado : Cure for the Common Life Living in Your Sweet Spot

    and for the record, i haven't read it.. I just leave it in my night stand to make it look like i read!!!

  2. Your stack looks intriguing and varied! I am 3/4 through A Tale of Two Sons. Excellent!

  3. Beside my bed is stacks and stacks of books--- and yes, to keep moving backs to the study.

    I can't make out the book on the bottom of your stack--Amish and Grace? Looks interesting!

    My sampling of my stack right now:
    Hannah Whitall Smith's Happy life (did you know she was Plymouth Brethren for awhile?), Robinson's Gilead, Buchanan's Hidden in Plain Sight, and Ted Koosier's poetry.

    Now, off to enjoy the stack...

    Blessed Lord's Day tomorrow....
    All's grace,

  4. This is a nice looking pile of books David.
    I truly love to read but it has been so hard to take the time lately.
    If I did have a stack though, they would be Missionary Biographies and Jeanette Oke books.
    I need to take more time to read my Bible...Love Terry

  5. Interesting stack...

    I am so busy I have little time to read lately, but for the longest time I had a book in our famous stack in our livingroom where my family each tries to keep a book they're reading. I had "The case for Christ" out here, and then finally gave up and put it away. I am trying to read, "Amoung the Righteous" right now, a fascinating book on the Holocaust's reach into Arab lands (I love history!), and my parents got me for my birthday a VERY thick book on the Spanish Civil War that my grandfather fought in, but I don't know when I'll ever have time to read that one!!

    Happy reading!


    Amusing comment, Mr. Mackay!

  6. I too always have a large stack on the go! Except the only thing that keeps me trimming it is the fear of collapse (when it gets more like Jenga than reading I take some down). Currently:

    Lee Strobel's Case for Christ;
    Donald Whitney's Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life;
    Pierson's George Muller of Bristol (obviously);
    Icons of Evolution (although the University of Ottawa would like to see it removed from my stack and placed back in theirs!);
    Chip Ingram's Good to Great in God's Eyes (although that one will be on the stack for the year -- I only read one chapter a month... sometimes I need to remind myself to slow down);
    And finally and always the NASB.