Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God Still Provides

If you take note of the comments that readers post on Pilgrim Scribblings you will have read the following testimony. If not, be blessed as you read this current account of God's provision:

A good friend of mine writes:

"I've been learning a lot about prayer from men like Hudson Taylor and George Muller who pursued God and trusted in Him. Prayer, over the last 3 months, has been a focus of mine (or rather of God with me) and I have been blessed incredibly by a new and greater passion for it.

Just today a very cool answer to prayer (akin to the work God did in the lives of Taylor and Muller). I have a friend who is going to Columbia to work among orphans and I wanted to support him. Sunday I asked how much was still lacking. He responded "$200", which I very much wanted to cover. He leaves Thursday, and I could not make the money available by then - however God has blessed both of us!

This morning I received a phone call (very unexpected) from a company in Ajax who wishes to hire me for a Scuba dive. $250 for ten minutes work - cash paid on site! After my expenses, this will leave $200 for the work! (I made no effort on my own to obtain this work and I only do about 8 dives a year in Peterborough, an hour away - God clearly is the provider)."

Yes, God is still Jehovah Jireh - our Provider.


  1. Amen...He still is our provider.

    Thank you for the encouraging post!


  2. That's awesome! I had something similar happen regarding raising funds for a mission trip to Mexico (which I leave on next week) ... I still needed $150 to cover the last payment, and the day before it was due I received a cheque for that very amount, mailed from across the country by a friend to whom I had casually mentioned that I was fundraising. The Great Provider He is indeed! :)