Monday, April 28, 2008

Pilgrims Hiking

Yesterday Matthew and I went for a hike. Nathan wasn't able to join us for our usual Sunday afternoon adventure.

We walked down a road (pictured) that we had attempted to navigate last Sunday. The roadside sign advised us that we would drive it "at our own risk" and we decided that the foot-deep ruts in the mud were adequate warning NOT to attempt the ridiculous. Walking was a much better alternative so that's what we did yesterday.

The hike gave me a lot of fodder for future Pilgrim Scribblings posts. The book I'm working on will be entitled "TAKING THE BUMPY ROAD HOME...Pilgrim Scribblings by a fellow pilgrim on the journey home". The road we traveled was certainly a bumpy one...not unlike my life's journey.

In the midst of the dirt, mud, dust and dead leaves we saw new life bursting forth. These small, white flowers (pictured) reminded me of new life that springs forth when a life is touched by and redeemed by our Creator, God.

It was a great pilgrimage and the sense of the presence of God along the path was rich and meaningful.


  1. Dear David.. It all sounded so nice, your walk down that bumpy road.
    The new life bursting forth is so encouraging after the long cold winter we had, eh?
    Did you spot any Jack- in- the pulpits at all?
    That is one thing that I sorely miss about the job I used to have.
    This would be the time of year that Katy's shaded fields would be just full of Jack- in- the pulpits appearing all over the place.
    When we were kids, in Trenton,walking in the woods, if we ever spotted one of them, it was just like finding a treasure.
    We never picked them but we would just stop a while, admire them and move on.

    I hope that you will have your book written soon!
    It sounds like a good subject!
    Take care ....Love Terry

  2. Oh, that sounds like a really nice walk....but it makes me really miss my walks in our woods. Our client's dog moved with his family a few weeks ago, and we haven't had the joy of exploring our woods since. They look very flooded, but every time I walk to my client's house to feed the cat, I see the dry, high-ground at the mouth of the woods---and it is VERY tempting. I am just scared that I will run across a wild animal like a skunk (although I'd love to find a snake!), or a person sleeping or snooping in there, or some stuff discarded from the students who skip classes at the school next door and head out there for a break!

    When is that book going to be written? Sounds interesting indeed!

    When are you moving?

    God bless you,

  3. Pilgrim,
    I just noticed you have a new little thing scoreboard on the! I always keep a tab open to TSN's scoreboard so I can keep up to date when my favorite NHL teams are playing, but now I can also keep up to date while on your blog!

    God bless you,