Saturday, April 05, 2008

Senators Are In...Barely

The Ottawa Senators squeaked into post-season play last night after losing 2-1 to the Boston Bruins. Carolina's 4-3 loss to the Florida Panthers paved the way for the Sens to sneak past the Hurricanes and secure a playoff berth.

Boston's Tim Thomas closed the door on Ottawa's offence until a third period goal by Antoine Vermette, his 4th tally in the last two games, got the Sens on the scoreboard.

With front-line players Daniel Alfredsson and Mike Fisher out for "weeks" as a result of injuries inflicted during the game against Toronto, the Senators are "lucky" to be where they are after last night's action.

So...they are in...but it took someone else to get them spite of a 94 point season.

Just like me! I've been guaranteed a place in heaven following the "game of life" but it's not due to anything I've done. It took the action of Someone else to secure my position, my guarantee of life in heaven after this life is over. Jesus stepped in and took the penalty for my sin, taking my place and my punishment. Now, on the merit of His shed blood, I will spend eternity with the Great Emancipator, the King of kings and Lord of lords. That's grace! That's mercy! That's love!

Sure, I've done a lot of "good things" but they were not enough. I would have fallen far short of God's standard but Jesus opened the door. Hallelujah!

Where will you spend eternity, my friend?


  1. that was an awesome analogy David!

  2. AMEN!!! I was at that last game... the mood in the arena was very somber, down 2-0 with 2 mins left on the board, Stu announced we were in the friend jumped right out of her seat screaming, the whole place erupted and no one cared that we lost. It was wonderful. I was so happy to be invited to that game despite the loss and I will cheer proudly right to the end!!!