Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gabe's A Ray

My good friend Gabe Gross was traded yesterday by the Milwaukee Brewers to the Tampa Bay Rays. I haven't spoken with Gabe or heard from him by e-mail so I don't know what his reaction to the trade has been.

From my perspective I'll get to see him when the Rays come to Toronto for three series this season as he will be back in the American League again. The Brewers have two other outfielders who will be activated this week and Gabe's playing time there would have been reduced. It seems that he would get more playing time in Tampa.

Regardless, Gabe and his wife Kelly have placed their trust in a sovereign God who makes no mistakes and they will continue to let Him lead them and use them for His glory.
God bless you, Gabe, as you begin a new chapter!

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  1. Cool! I had no idea he was traded...of course I wouldn't: I check the transactions in the NHL, and right now I almost forget that it's baseball season! Thank you for filling us in.

    Pilgrim, you haven't told us if you're going for any NHL team in particular now...come on, the Habs are the only Canadian team left, thanks to my favorite western team eliminating Calgary. :)

    God bless you,