Sunday, December 11, 2005


Several years ago I had the privilege and honor of spending a couple of hours with my mentor, Keith Price. Keith was in hospital in Victoria, BC and was not expected to get better. He went to be with the Lord shortly after my visit. I flew out on a Saturday morning, was picked up by Keith and Rosemary's son Mark, and taken to their home for lunch.

After lunch, Mark drove me to the hospital for my planned visit with his dad. When I arrived at Keith's room, the door was closed but this sign was taped to the door. The nurse told me that Keith was waiting for me and I was ushered to his bedside and the door was closed again. Keith positioned me so that he could see me without strain and he held my hand for almost two hours. He told me that in past years he had helped me to understand how to live but now he was passing along his counsel on how to die. Those moments were priceless. I'll never forget them and I'll always keep this handwritten sign as a reminder of those moments with my friend. 

As I was reminded of that special day, I thought our Father. He longs to spend uninterrupted time with us, His redeemed friends. But we rush in, quickly offer the obligatory prayers and speed off to our various and sundry "important" engagements. Why can't we quiet our hearts in His presence and just enjoy him. Allow Him to take our hand and speak truth, grace and love to our troubled souls. "Father, teach me just how deep and vast your love is for me. Thank you for desiring my fellowship. Forgive me for hastily rushing off so quickly. AMEN!" 

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