Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Question

Several interesting questions appeared on Gayla's web site earlier this week. I visit her blog every day. Why not drop by?

Here is one of her questions with her answers first and then mine following hers.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die (Gayla's)

Memorize more Scripture!!!!
Go on a cruise (hopefully next year for our 20th anniversary!)
Get in better shape
Retire & Travel to all 50 states (I'm over halfway there)
Go on another mission trip
Live to a ripe old age

Seven Things to Do Before I Die (David's)

Visit the British Isles, especially Bristol, England where George Muller lived
Be completely out of debt
Travel around North America in a motor home
Write several books
Sing with or play the piano for a Southern Gospel trio or quartet
See our two adopted sons live meaningful, productive Christian adult lives
See spiritual revival in our country, Canada

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