Thursday, December 08, 2005

Something Just Died

Here's the latest news...a death report, no, actually just an injury report! This morning David Fisher's heart took a mighty hit and, if not broken, is badly bruised.

I was up until 1:30 this morning, checking the baseball transactions from the Winter Meetings in Dallas, TX but didn't hear the gut-smacking news until 9:00 this morning that Gabe Gross had been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Murphy's Law still works, friends!

Gabe and I were great friends, soul mates, brothers in the Lord and mutual encouragers. When we'd have our mid-week Bible studies two seasons ago who would show up? Gabe Gross! This season Corey Koskie was added to the mix. I've been following Gabe's career since the Jays made him their #1 draft pick back in 2001.

I had the pleasure of attending Gabe & Kelly's wedding almost two years ago. They were both great friends!

So, now what? We wish Gabe and Kelly all the best as they move on. This season our Baseball Chapel leader in Milwaukee Wayne Beilgard and I joked about Gabe being traded to the Brew Crew. Now the joke's on me. My loss is Wayne's gain. Congratulations, Wayne! You got a good and godly man!

I don't know much about Lyle Overbay, the 1st baseman we acquired in the trade. We'll have to wait and see.

Now all we need to really break my heart is to see Corey Koskie shipped off somewhere. If he stays I can count on one guy joining me on Wednesday afternoons at the Rogers Centre.

Well I must go and take a heart pill!


I'll miss you Gabe! Our friendship doesn't end here. It keeps growing and maturing and we'll play catch in heaven some day. And, by the way, I hope they serve Dr. Pepper in Milwaukee, Gabe, because I know they're famous (or infamous) for something else!

Adios amigo!

P. S. You'll notice that this "post" is black 'cause I'm in mourning.

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