Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dozing Gient

What a week it's been! I think I've been running on nerves for the last little while and I'm trying to wind down but can't seem to accomplish it. Maybe it's because I haven't finished writing my Christmas cards. Even though I use the internet and e-mails a lot, I've made a commitment to myself and to the Lord that I will always write personal notes and cards as long as I can use my hands and my fingers.

Yesterday afternoon I was writing cards at my office. I only had about 4-5 hours sleep on Sunday night so I was pretty bushed. Around 2:30 p.m. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Finally I dozed off. When I awoke a few minutes later I went to finish signing the card I was working on. To my horror, amazement (or whatever) I had signed the card, "David & Goliath" instead of "David and Carol". I knew then that it was time to quit.

I've often been called "The Gentle Giant" but I didn't realize that Goliath was my partner. I better quit writing this post before I doze off again.


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