Thursday, December 08, 2005

J. P. Talks

Blue Jays' GM, J. P. Ricciardi has seen more than his share of media mics over the past few days as a result of the A J. Burnett,
B. J. Ryan and Lyle Overbay acquisitions at the Winter Meetings in Dallas.

I eavesdropped on this conversation and pass along J. P.'s comments made to The Fan 590.

"The Overbay trade was a great catch and yet I hated to see Gabe Gross leave Toronto. Our Baseball Chapel leader, David Fisher, was devastated when he learned the news. "Fish" has built a strong friendship with Gabe since we drafted him as our #1 pick in 2001.

Fish and I talked throughout the season and he knew that trading Gabe was always a possibility. Gross is a fine young man and will get a chance to prove himself with the Brewers.

But after 29 seasons with the Jays as our chapel leader, Fish knows how to handle the loss of players to trades, free agency, outright releases and retirement. Just this week one of David's long-time friends, John Olerud, decided to "hang 'em up"."

Yawn! I just woke up. I guess that conversation took place in my dreams. This trade has been more like a nightmare and yet I spoke with our Baseball Chapel leader, Wayne Beilgard, who handles the Brewers' chapels and he told me that I'll love the Overbays.

Well, I've seen the likes of Woods, Whitt, Barfield, Moseby, Fernandez, Johnson, Stieb, Eichhorn, Gordon, Parrish, Molitor, Olerud, Carter, Timlin, Williams, Painter, Matheny, et al, ..............move on so I should be getting used to this by now.

Who's next?

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