Saturday, October 04, 2008

Who Is This Person?

Who is this person profiled below? The one who knows us best is "us". We know our quirks, our warts, our struggles and our strengths. When I read the following profile on a blog, my heart resonated with hers. She is someone who I have come to know and love through her blog and her comments. I appreciate transparency! We need to be "real". This writer is just that...REAL!

Who is this person?
Doesn't this sound like someone who tells it like it is?

Here's her self profile:

Freelance writer, retired nurse, friend to the broken-hearted. Out of sync with the world; utterly dependent upon God. Artsy, creative, and warm. Sensitive. Sometimes too sensitive. Introspective. Sometimes too introspective. Funny - I crack myself up. Missionary with a pen; soul mate to the weary. Easy going til I get freaked out. Sentimental, hormonal, sometimes both at the same time.

I believe in knee-mail, giving from the heart, speaking the truth in love, standing up for what's right, walking by faith, and relying on the inexhaustible grace of God. I've discovered that psycho-babble can't help me, the self-reliant can't understand me, but true spirituality is a living, breathing, saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

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