Monday, October 27, 2008

Anxiety...It'll Asphyxiate You

This morning I read a chapter entitled Getting Through the Tough Stuff of Anxiety from Chuck Swindoll's book (pictured).

He poses this question:

"What's making you bite your nails these days? I don't mean the little foxes that nibble at your mind. I'm not referring to those unimportant intruders that interrupt your day like a dripping faucet, a misplaced set of keys, or a flat tire in the morning. I'm referring to the ulcer-causing, big-time, mental monsters that crawl into your head, then go with you to bed and steal your sleep. Also there are the relentless worries that take away the delight of a much-needed weekend holiday. I have in mind those dread concerns that you can't shake off. Does anything make you anxious like that?"

Good question! My answer? Of course I battle with many intruders that wage war with my peace.

Swindoll continues, "Stubborn anxieties work like petty thieves in the dark corners of our thoughts as they pickpocket our peace and kidnap our joy."

"The tough stuff of anxiety threatens to strangle the life out of us, leaving us asphyxiated by fear and grasping for hope."

Swindoll's own definition of anxiety reads as follows. "Anxiety is the painful uneasiness of the mind that feeds on impending fears."

"In the mildest form we simply churn. In its most severe form we panic."

So true!

I'm reminded of an old hymn that surfaced in my mind as I was reading Swindoll's book. It goes something like this:

"All your anxiety, all your care,
Bring to the mercy seat - leave it there;
Never a burden He cannot bear,
Never a friend like Jesus."

Give it up! Give Him your anxious thoughts! By the way, I'm talking to myself!

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