Friday, February 29, 2008

Tribute To Mickey

Last night the Windsor Spitfires hockey team paid tribute to their captain Mickey Renaud who died suddenly two weeks ago.

Renaud, drafted by the Calgary Flames, collapsed and died at his home. The cause of death is still being investigated.

Before last night's game each Windsor Spitfire player came onto the ice wearing a replica of Renaud's #18 jersey with the captain's "C" emblazoned on the front.

It was an emotional prelude to the Spitfire's first game since this tragic death.

This morning Ben Davey, one of the Breakfast Club co-hosts on Life 100.3, commented on last night's tribute. He suggested that Renaud's parents must have looked on with mixed emotions as Mickey's teammates came onto the ice decked out like him. In effect the Renauds had 20 plus sons out there.

Similarly, Davey commented, God must look down on His children and see many reflections of His Son Jesus Christ. How are we reflecting the One whom we claim to serve? Are we decked out like Him or would it be difficult for others to recognize our allegiance?

We mourn the loss of a talented hockey player and pray for his family as they grieve this terrible loss. Last night's tribute was one hockey team's effective method of honouring one of their own.

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