Monday, February 04, 2008

Giants Win! Giants Win!

The New York Giants upset the favored New England Patriots in last night's Super Bowl XLII.

All I can say is "Hallelujah".

If my team, the Indianapolis Colts, couldn't be there with Peyton Manning at the controls, then Eli Manning and the Giants were my second choice.

What a game!


  1. hey was a great game...what a finish!! And my GIANTS even won!!!! I was so excited!!! Ya gotta love ELI...maybe now all those that have been so critical of him since he got to the league will realize just how good he really is.

  2. Hey Fish... I'm just a casual NFL fan, but was very pleased to see the Giants defeat the Patriots to win the SuperBowl. Something about the way New England was coached this season didn't sit well with me. How can a guy run the table with his team in the rgeular season and not seem to enjoy any of it. I'll take Tony Dungy and an early exit from the play-offs anyday.... now how about that A&W Teenburger!!


  3. Hey, Pilgrim,

    Wasn't that a great finish? I heard the last few minutes, as my sister--the biggest Pats fan-- slept soundly, missing her first Super Bowl ending in a few years (she was too tired to stay up this time). I really don't care about the NFL, I think the sport is too brutal, but I always "pick" a team for the Super Bowl, and mine won this year ;) Of course, we don't bet or anything, my sister and I just pick a team we think will win, and see who's right.

    God bless you,