Friday, February 08, 2008

The God of Elijah

The wicked king Ahab
Makes others' sins pale
He's forsaken My ways
And now worships Baal.

Get over to Kerith
And there by the creek
I'll send you your groceries
Each day, not each week.

Don't question the method
I use to send bread
These scavenger ravens
Will do what I've said.

The drought you have forecast
Will dry up the land
There'll be no more water
Except by My hand.

Just wait here and trust Me
Be patient and true
In the fullness of time
You'll know what to do.

A Zarephath widow
And her only son
Will offer you lodging
But wait, I'm not done.

In the midst of the drought
There'll be flour and oil
Enough for each day
And it never will spoil.

And there you will see
My great power and might
So trust me today
Don't give up the fight.

Now just like Elijah
The prophet of old
My people can trust me
With faith strong and bold.

I'm Jehovah-Jireh
Your needs I'll provide
I'm sovereign and faithful
I'll walk by your side.

So lay aside doubting
Your burdens I'll bear
The Lord God Almighty
Has you in His care.

© David W. Fisher
February 7th, 2008

Note: This poem came to me this morning as I was preparing to preach on this passage from 1 Kings 16 & 17.


  1. Excellent poem! You certainly have a God given gift for writing David. Thanks for all the encouragement you pass along daily to us and others...
    Cliff & Jane

  2. God gives you songs (or poems!) in the night ...

    we are just reading Elizabeth Elliot's book "Trusting God in a Twisted World" ... is that ever encouraging!!

    blessings on you guys and your search for a new home ...