Friday, February 10, 2006

Goodbye Grandma's House

For the last few years my office / hideaway / retreat center / quiet place has been in the attic of the home my grandparents lived in when I was a child. See the two windows on the end of the house near the roof line? That's where my office has been.

Grandma and Grandpa moved out to their heavenly home quite a few years ago but their home has remained in our family for many years.

I'm saying "goodbye" as I begin a new phase of my life and ministry. I'm moving to another office in the center of Peterborough where I will be more accessible to hockey players and others who wish to visit.

I'm sharing a corner of an office complex with two Christian friends, Mark Hines and David Kennedy. Mark has a family counselling service and David has set up a grief counselling practice called Grief Matters. We are located at the corner of Rink and Rubidge Streets and look forward to your visit...once all the furniture is moved in and set up.

I'm looking forward to increasing my letter-writing ministry of encouragement, Epistle Sports Ministries. It will be good to have a presence in the center of town.

If you're looking for excellent counselling, either Mark or David would serve you well. Let me know. God bless!

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