Wednesday, February 01, 2006

FISHing In the Archive Pool

My friend Brodie MacLeod has suggested that I have a monthly special here at Pilgrim Scribblings where I go FISHing in my archive pool and "troll" for some old C (Christ-exalting) Food that is still fresh and relevant. It would then be posted on the first day of the month (except this month).

When he suggested this I went for the bait...hook, line and sinker. Now that Brodie has "cast" the vision, my head is "spinning" with ideas.

Maybe early tomorrow morning I'll post my first FISH from the archive pool because "the early bird always gets the worm".

Maybe after a few months we'll conduct a "pole" to find out which post is the favorite. Until then, make sure you let your light shine and be out there...being a true "fisher of men".

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